Is Spotify Marquee Worth it? Spotify Marquee Review

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Is Spotify Marquee Worth it

Spotify Marquee Review

Is Spotify Marquee Worth it? Spotify Marquee is an advertising format that is native to Spotify for premium users as well as free users. It allows you to advertise the Spotify app, displaying your most recent album to those who have listened to your music. And you only pay for those who click on your advertisement.

It’s what it looks like:

When you launch the Spotify application on your phone an open box will show you the latest music release from the artist you like. You can choose to play the song or album, or simply dismiss the pop-up.

In this article, I’m going to discuss how to gain the access you need to Spotify Marquee, an example of a marketing campaign that I’ve conducted using Spotify Marquee, and my overall impression of how efficient it has been.

Is Spotify Marquee Worth it

How do you get Marquee on Spotify?

To be eligible for Spotify Marquee, you must have a minimum of 15,000 streams within the last 28 days in the United States. At the moment, you must also use an American credit card in the United States. The United States to pay for Spotify Marquee, and your Marquee advertisements must be shown to listeners who are in the US. Spotify plans to expand this in the future.

What is the Spotify Marquee price? cost?

Is Spotify Marquee Worth it? There are two types of users you can target using Spotify Marquee, with somewhat different prices.

  • Your audience that you can reach is huge. These cost you $0.50 per click
  • Parts of the target public These costs $0.55 per click

Segments of your audience allow you to fine-tune your control over your audience’s targeting within the following areas:

  • Recently, interested listeners have streamed your music in the past 28 days
  • People who listen to music on a casual basis have streamed your music during the past six months, however, less than other listeners.
  • Listeners who are lapsed have not active streamed your music in six months

Is Spotify Marquee Worth it

Depending on the release strategy you may want to knock everybody, out or reach the most avid listeners, or specific people who haven’t heard from you in for a while. However, Spotify will cost you more for that extra degree of control.

The cost for a campaign is $250. The maximum amount is determined by the amount of the audience that can be retargeted. For instance, one performer is averaging 67,000 USA listeners. Spotify suggests a maximum of $3000 for the budget.

On the one hand, $0.50 seems expensive, particularly when compared to Facebook’s conversion ads that are going into Spotify. But when you consider the fact that they are all United States listeners that $0.50 cost is much more affordable. Additionally, you can be sure that the information is 100% accurate since it is direct from Spotify.

Is Spotify Marquee worth it? – The Data

The most likely question is… Is Spotify’s Marquee worth it? To answer that question, we’re going to look at the campaign I’ve conducted. Since this was not about my music, I’m going to need to erase the artist’s name to protect their identity.

Here are some raw numbers:

Metric Value
Budget $800
Clicks 1,756
Reach 13,623
Listeners 1,603
Streams/Listener 4.56
Saves 530
Playlist Adds 329

The first thing that you’ll be able to see is that Spotify is overdelivering, and this is a pattern that appears to be common for other campaigns too. They could have provided us with 1,600 clicks, but instead, we got 1,756. Nice!

The 1,756 clicks generated 1,603 people listening to the tune 7,310 times. This rate of repeat listening is 4.56 streams per person is more than what is typical for the artist and also above the overall performances of the entire song. In April, the song has an average of 2.263 streams per person.

The saving rate is quite high, with a figure of 33%. The added rate for playlists is quite very high at 20 percent. Both of these figures are higher than the song is getting in general.

Here’s how the data appears similar to In Spotify the case of Artists:

Is Spotify Marquee Worth it

Bonus Data

In addition, Spotify offers a few metrics users from Marquee produced on other tracks in the catalog of the artist. The 330 users who streamed the music also streamed another Marquee album for an average of 7.01 streams per user. The listeners added 100 additional tracks of the musician to their music playlists and 140 tracks were saved.

The information points are attractive, which means that Marquee can be found in other tracks by the artist. This is exactly what we’re looking for. If a marketing campaign is solely focused on one song, it’s not as effective when people browse other tracks. This is one reason Spotify playlist marketing can’t be as efficient – no one listens to other music.

Here’s the bonus data from Spotify to Artists:

Is Spotify Marquee Worth it

Does Spotify Marquee worth it?

Yes! Spotify Marquee not only has an affordable price that is around $0.50 for each USA user but listeners are engaged with the tunes at an extremely high frequency. It is possible to expect savings of about 25 percent, playlist addition rates of approximately 15%, and a streaming ratio of 4.56. Furthermore, they can also decide to listen to other tracks from the artist.

If you’d like to know more about Spotify Marquee, I’ve put together a video explaining additional information about the metrics.

Is Spotify Marquee Worth it

Features of Spotify Marquee

Make sure that your listeners are absorbed by your latest music

Marquee is a fully-screen promoted recommendation for your newest release to Spotify Premium and Free users who have expressed interest in your songs and the potential to keep listening.

If a user clicks the Marquee, they’re directed to your latest release and your music is the only one available. This allows them to focus exclusively on your music, and then discover more about your music.

Find the right audience to implement your release strategy

Introduce new music to various segments of your audience based on their individual preferences on Spotify. With Marquee you can reach those listeners you would like to convert into larger supporters.

Select the audience you want to reach you can choose from those who have those who are lapsed, recently interested, and people who are just casual listeners.

Increase the number of fans you have

Inspire listeners to discover the music of your artist on Spotify Premium and Free with Marquee.

Be heard when it matters.

Present your business to an audience in a strictly music-related context, instead of being in louder spaces.

You can attribute your spending

Monitor how listeners interact with the artist’s music after they have seen the Marquee.

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