What is Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) and Real-time (CDP)?

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What is Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) and Real-time (CDP)?

Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) Overview

Experience Platform, the foundation of Experience Cloud products, is an open platform that transforms all your information -including Adobe and non-Adobe into comprehensive customer profiles that are updated in real-time and utilize AI-driven insights that help you create the best customer experiences in every channel.

Adobe Experience Platform is the most robust, flexible, and open platform that is available for creating and managing solutions that improve the customer experience. Experience Platform allows organizations to centralize and standardize customer information and information from any system and use machine learning and data science to significantly enhance the creation and delivery of personalized and rich experiences.

Based on RESTful APIs Experience Platform exposes the full capabilities for developers, allowing the simple integration of enterprise solutions with familiar tools. Experience Platform also supports partners to develop and integrate their technology and products when needed. The power and flexibility of this platform allow Experience Platform unique in the market. It provides partners, customers as well as a community of developers a base upon which to create innovations that are driving The Experience Business: exceeding the expectations of customers by providing an always improving, completely personalized experience based on a 360-degree perspective of the customer and their preferences.


Improve app performance by using a Data collection powerhouse, which includes mobile and web SDKs servers-side implementations, edge computing, the capability to run custom-built applications on both servers and clients with an open architecture, and the ability to access APIs in full.

What is Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) and Real-time (CDP)?


Increase trust among consumers, provide personalized and timely experiences, and guarantee the satisfaction of customers with the use of a unique profile enhanced with real-time information across all data sources– Adobe and non-Adobe that is available across the entire enterprise.

What is Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) and Real-time (CDP)?


empower data teams to create and unlock deep insights by using self-service SQL analytics and real-time business intelligence tools in addition to analytics to run internal AI or ML algorithms, and enhance real-time customer profiles by adding prescriptive insights.

Real-time Data Platform overview for Customer Data Platform Overview

Based on the Adobe Experience Platform, the Real-time Customer Data Platform (Real-time CDP) assists companies in bringing together the data that is anonymous and public from multiple sources within the enterprise to build customer profiles that can deliver customized customer experiences across various media and platforms in real-time.

Real-time CDP provides tools to manage data governance such as identity management, advanced segmentation, as well as data science, so you can create groups and profiles, in addition, to gaining valuable information while being able to apply strict data governance rules.

Live Customer Data Platform connects to an extensive network of partners, in addition to the native interfaces to Adobe Experience Cloud which means that you can easily connect these audiences and provide excellent customer experiences across every channel including on-site and in-app personalization to emails, paid media and call centers, as well as linked devices and much more.

With the Real-time Data Platform for Customer Data Platform you can:

  • Create an all-encompassing overview of your customers by merging data from across your company.
  • Manage profiles using secure privacy and governance controls for identifiers that are anonymous and known.
  • Develop actionable insights and increase the size of audiences using AI or machine-learning, powered by Adobe Sensei and built for marketers.
  • Provide personalized experiences in real-time on all platforms and destinations.

What is Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) and Real-time (CDP)?

What’s the difference between AEP and. real-time CDP?

AEP is the platform that provides the base to standardize and centralize customer information across any platform, and tools for applying machine learning and data science to provide the most personalized experience possible using the most current data.

Real-time CDP is an application that is built on top of AEP which is focused on bringing together both known as well as undiscovered customer information to create dynamic, real-time customer profiles that can be activated to different destinations. It makes use of a variety of platform services to provide a variety of functions. Connectors built-in to the software provide users to easily link to Adobe products as well as other systems from third parties.

What is Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) and Real-time (CDP)?

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