XYplorer 2023: App Reviews, Features, Pricing & Download

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XYplorer 2023: App Reviews, Features, Pricing & Download
Name XYplorer Pro 2022
Publisher Cologne Code Company
Version v22.90.0100
Size 5.2 MB
Get it On Google Play
Updated May 29, 2022
MOD Features Cracked


Value for money [usr 4.3]

What is XYplorer?

XYplorer 2023, a powerful file manager that provides more useful tools and features than ever before, is a highly advanced application. Tabs, Mini Tree, and Tree Path Tracing are all available.

xyplorer 1

XYplorer 2023 can drag and drop and execute a wide range of graphical files as well as multimedia documents. It improves users’ working environment by offering fast search capabilities. You can use it to improve your workflow. You can now rename multiple files using a variety of settings.

xyplorer 2

What’s new in XYplorer 2023?

  • Minor bug fixes, and enhancements.

Features & Highlights of XYplorer 2023: –

  • A portable file management tool.
  • Tabs make it easy to switch folders.
  • It was designed to be faster.
  • Solutions that work for you.
  • Speed was always a key design goal.
  • It functions as expected and it is extremely difficult to destroy.
  • The app can be adjusted to exactly how you want it to look or behave.
  • Multi-file time stamping, icon-extraction, and attribute-stamping.
  • Drag’n’drop support and wheel mouse full support
  • For heavy-duty work.
  • It is easy to use and you can start working immediately (the interface closely follows Explorer standards).
  • A better and more useful file manager.
  • Easily navigate between tabs.
  • Includes Mini Tree, Tree Path, Color Labels, and more.
  • Packed with advanced search and media preview function.
  • Create shortcuts, wipe files, and command-line arguments.
  • Modern intuitive user interface.


Let’s see what other people want to say about XYplorer

Incredible! [usr 5]

It’s probably the best alternative to explorer with a variety of features that help me organize my day-to-day tasks much easier than was achievable with Explorer and an explanation for why I began looking for a solution to it in the first place.

I am impressed by the amount of customization I can make by using this. The tag, color code, and labels allow you to find the most recent files, or to organize them in identical folders that are not separated into sub-folders as in certain modding cases for games. Additionally, the incredible hold left button to view the full-size image right within the folders is ideal for 3D artists and others who have to manage hundreds of textures (Targa or tiff, png or jpg).

Mikki’s, March 2022

Keeps me from switching to apple [usr 2]

Amazing product! I purchased the Pro version within a couple of days of trying it out. It has completely transformed my work. It took me a while to set it up the way I wanted however, now that I know it more, it’s unparalleled through the extensive research I’ve done. I’ve been a Windows/PC video editor for over 20 years and it appears that Windows File Explorer just gets worse over the years about reliability and usability. It’s been about six months or so since I’ve been using the XYplorer program and it’s awe-inspiring. Fast and reliable on Windows 11.

I’ve recently made changes to the current macs m1 after the processor flurry, and no other mac’s performance is as good as it. Forklift maybe, but that isn’t as good as. I’m not even sure Linux has a native application that is comparable. Fortunately, a lot of my video plugins aren’t compatible with M1 Macs also… So I’m sticking with Windows and PC, and XYplorer makes that more secure of a decision.

Nick, March 2022

It’s a concept, not a construction [usr 3]

I tried giving XY an attempt… three years ago, I believe. I wasn’t completely convinced however I was annoyed with the endless time spent using Windows Explorer that I forced myself to research the real features of XY.

So I did, to a large extent. I believe I’ve learned around 25% functions. However, I’m able to do the things I do every day that differ for each person approximately 10 times faster. This isn’t a joke. Quicklaunch is my friend as are locked tabs as well as their properties for color.

Labels, can you believe me about how amazing these are? I’m currently holding at any given moment, 5-10 customer tickets available. I’m trying to save older tickets for a time and some are semi-active. I could color code everything this? Holy…

Branch view is the most powerful feature. What is the reason people do not ask for this feature for Windows Explorer? There are things I could accomplish in a matter of seconds that developers completely ignore due to their toolkits being rubbish.

The ability to connect the file’s age to the background color is extremely useful. It instantly informs me that my IDE dumps DLLs to the correct location, and there is no mistake is possible. Sorry about the caps.

In the end, XY is a graft for the skin. Other products may perform similar functions however, the thing I like about XY is that it’s not a building. It’s always improving but never departs from its course. It’s cohesive.

I’m unable to even describe what could or should be improved. I’m not apprehensive about anything*XY does. Everything seems to be logical and easy to access. Also, it’s fast.

This is after only exploring maybe 25 percent. I’ll never explore the full extent of the have the time to explore every bit of XY. But I’m quite impressed.

Last but not least, I’d like to discuss the licensing. I bought a lifetime license pro. This is what it cost me, about $80. With that license, I’m able to utilize the XY program on VMs I regularly use and multiple computers that I use daily. I’m able to do this. I’m not even able to describe (and many of you already are aware of 🙂 ) how restrictive and costly licenses can be for this kind of usage. Amazingly, I can use that without violating any conditions. This is a huge, massive shout-out to admin, thank you for keeping it this way. Also, to be honest, I view this as a major benefit I’m not counting on receiving, nor do others. If the model changes it will have a good reason why it’s been a free ride for a long period. It isn’t free but looks into licensing costs for other programs that offer smaller capabilities.

There’s one last thing. You can tell that this is an affectionate letter to XY… I’m sure it’s VB6 I’m aware that the codebase is massive and it’s not able to port to the latest technologies easily. However that the power and versatility of all the features are incredible. It’s like an advanced technology product.

Hans, March 2021

Very Unpleasant! [usr 1]

Since then, I’ve been a member of “XYplorer” for several years and have written reviews of various software programs across the web. I’ve earned a reputation for being quite a bitch at times. . . You’re making it extremely difficult for me to keep my image. For once, I’d like to have reasons to be a snarky critic. I am astonished that you have made such an excellent file manager! It is impossible to make a complaint.

Thank you for all your hard work. Enjoyed the last update.

Heidi-Ann, March 2021

XYplorer is a complete tool that checks all the boxes: reliable and full of features, and fast. [usr 5]

I’m not new to technology in the software industry since my professional experience included working in Texas Instruments, Hewlett-Packard, and Sun Microsystems. I’m aware of what an outstanding software product appears like and how it works in the interest of its clients. XYplorer is, after three years of usage has far surpassed my expectations. The advancements have been well ahead of my expectations.

Tom, September 2020

This is the one I would have designed for myself had I taken the time [usr 4.7]

In my job, I must have at least 10 open file manager windows (or tabs) open simultaneously since I need quick access to various categories of files. When I used Windows Explorer, this was unreliable at best. Windows Explorer hung (stopped responding) often every day. This meant that it was not just a matter of setting them up again however, it was distracting me from my train of thinking — which is costly for me in my job.

XYplorer can handle all of it so effortlessly and lets me arrange tabs in a way that contains similar material (each tab functions as an independent version in Windows Explorer). This can save me a lot of time, and also increases my efficiency.

I’ve found that there are many enhancements on top of Windows Explorer that make a distinction. One of the ones that come to mind when I write this is that I have a folder with thousands of sub-directories, each with long names, which only differ (in their spelling) in the serial number on the right. Windows Explorer has a NAME-SORTING problem that makes these directories (when sorting using names) to be affected by the date of their creation, affecting the order in which they are sorted and causing anxiety and can take a lot of time searching for the directory when they weren’t necessarily sequentially sorted. This is the only thing (that XYplorer does not just do the right sort, but offers a variety of name-sorting configuration options) that is designed to handle scenarios like mine.

Another key feature is the ability to find the files within a sub-directory tree It is extremely fast and extremely solid (unlike Windows Explorer, which often misses files when doing the process of a file search! ).

As a software developer, I can only offer admiration for this developer(s). (From one angle that is the one I would have designed for myself if I’d been given the chance ….) to do it.)

V.Wheeler, November 2019

The most effective version of the genre [usr 4.5]

XYplorer is one of the top software of this kind. My top features include “nuke” to eliminate undesirable files “folder dimensions” to discover where all the space is, “multiple rename”, and the endless configurations that you can make. I’ve utilized it since 2010, and I would recommend everyone to try it out and purchase an account, it’s not expensive to pay. For the customer service, I would just say it’s five-star. I’ve only used it once, but the service was exceptional. Overall 5 stars.

Lynn, October 2019

XYplorer Alternative

  • Total Commander
  • Directory Opus
  • TagSpaces
  • EF Commander
  • Risingware File Manager

System Requirements & Details

  • Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
  • RAM (Memory): 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 200 MB or more


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